High-quality services at fair prices for small & medium-sized enterprises and private persons

Dr. Schober’s fields of expertise

  • Contract law
  • Corporate law
  • Competition law
  • International business law
  • Law relating to economic offences

Civil and business law consulting

Extensive experience as an attorney, especially in the following fields:

  • Design of standardized and special contracts, as well as of general terms and conditions – national and international
  • Enforcement of rights domestically and abroad – in court, out of court, and through arbitration
  • Enterprise incorporation
  • Corporate acquisition
  • Corporate succession
  • Real estate acquisition
  • Construction legislation
  • Property ownership
  • Commercial and private leasing
  • Purchasing
  • Sales (including franchising)
  • Competitor behavior (Unfair Competition Law)
  • Protection of inventions, developments and nomenclature, including design of licensing contracts, in cooperation with patent and trademark attorneys
  • Franchising and licensing contracts, including in the field of software
  • Design and enforcement of rights in the IT sector
  • Individual labor law
  • Law of succession (in particular w.r.t. company succession)
  • Construction permits
  • Restitutions
  • Other official authorizations


Specializing in international legal matters, Dr. Schober founded his own law firm in 1997, and today he provides legal support globally and on a continual basis to internationally active enterprises based both in Germany and abroad on matters pertaining to the German market as well as German-based internationally oriented activities.

Moreover, he is active both nationally and internationally in arbitration proceedings both as counsel and as an arbitrator.

In addition, he is the long-standing contact person for all matters pertaining to international law for a multitude of highly eminent clients. When required, he coordinates his clients’ contact with domestic and international legal attorneys, patent attorneys, trademark attorneys, and tax advisors. He regards his social commitment in different clubs and associations as a matter of course, and his lecturing activities are rich and varied.

For Dr. Schober, continual and targeted further education is an obligation – and a source of pride. The main areas of priority include corporate law, contract design in specific fields (e.g. licenses, R&D, IP, international law) and arbitration. Dr. Schober is also active as a consultant on a continual basis.

This is the only way that cutting edge legal advice and protection of interests can be guaranteed on a continual basis.

Our clients

  • Domestic and foreign SMEs and international enterprises
  • Private persons, both domestically and abroad


  • Close cooperation with firms of patent and trademark attorneys, as well as with a tax advisory firm
  • Cooperation with recognized specialists and experts in Germany and abroad
  • Establishment and support of relevant legal contacts for clients
  • Cooperation with law firms in Vienna and Paris (with a license for New York – All cooperating partners work in a legally independent manner and under their own responsibility)